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Finding a family dentist that offers consistent care can be a challenge. Dr. Chris Hardin and his team provide gentle dental care in Indianapolis for patients from Greenwood, Southport, and Franklin no matter how extensive their needs are, from prevention to restoration.

Parents of children as young as three to seniors are welcome to call Hardin Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment today for personalized care for the whole family.


Prevention and Diagnosis

Children and younger patients are in their most impressionable stages of life. This makes it most important to prepare for any issues that may occur while teeth are still developing. Parents can do so by bringing children into the office at the first sign of tooth eruption. We offer treatments to boost your child’s resilience to dental issues and enhance their oral health.

Sealants provide young patients with protection in areas where bacteria may get trapped and a toothbrush cannot easily reach. Fluoride treatment boosts the enamel production and ensures teeth are strong and healthy during development.

Dr. Hardin also provides orthodontic consultations during visits to our practice to ensure teeth and jaws are properly developing. He makes sure every patient receives the treatment they need for the best chances of lasting oral health.

Velscope oral cancer screenings provide an in-depth look at a patient’s oral health to determine a diagnosis as soon as possible. Early detection of oral cancer greatly improves chances of complete recovery. Dr. Hardin performs visual oral cancer screenings during every appointment to our office.

Restorative Dental Care in Indianapolis

As we age, dental care from a professional becomes more and more necessary to maintain healthy teeth into our later years. Necessary restorative care ensures an individual’s oral health is clear of decay and issues that could potentially destroy the dental structure. We provide treatments such as root canals and extractions as necessary to eliminate threats to dental health and improve oral health.

Periodontal maintenance can be necessary to address tartar buildup below the gum line. Gum disease occurs when pockets develop between teeth and gums as a result of plaque and tartar buildup after several years of neglect. Dr. Hardin and his team administer gentle deep cleanings to help patients protect their smile’s foundation from gum disease and tooth loss.

Dedicated to Your Comfort and Care

We offer iPads and other amenities for kids and adults to stay entertained throughout visits to our practice.

Over the years that we’ve provided dental services in Southside Indianapolis, we’ve gotten to know many of our patients and they’ve become part of our dental family. We believe this helps us to provide greater quality care and satisfy the desires of our patients in greater depth. We take great satisfaction in developing relationships with our dental family and watching them grow alongside our practice.

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We perform any necessary treatment to get your dental health into its best shape. Call Hardin Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Southside Indianapolis, and schedule your family’s next dental visit with Dr. Chris Hardin today!


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