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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Indianapolis, IN

A complete smile provides individuals with proper function and a good-looking appearance. When one or several teeth are missing, they cause complications that threaten dental health. Hardin Cosmetic and Family Dentistry offers dental implants in Indianapolis, IN.

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Replacing Missing Teeth in Indianapolis, IN

Dental implants are comprehensive in nature. As a complete restoration, dental implants replace entire teeth, from root to crown.

These restorations comprise of three components: a titanium root, a connecting abutment, and the visible crown. The biocompatible post is placed into the jaw by our local trusted surgeon. Once placed, the titanium root will fuse with the jaw and work together in support both surrounding jaw bone and the replacement prosthetic. An abutment connects the restoration, whether it be a crown, bridge, or denture, to the implant and secures it in place.

Dental implants provide the following restorations:

Single-unit crowns replace one tooth in an empty space anywhere within the smile. As an alternative to the traditional bridge, a single-unit crown preserves existing dental structure and is a much more stable option.

Multi-unit bridges can replace a short row of missing teeth using up to three implants placed in optimal locations for maximum strength and support.

Implant-supported dentures are often the best choice for patients suffering from a heavily compromised smile or those missing nearly all teeth. Dentures are secured in place by four to eight implants, providing restored bite strength and an improved look.

Once patients have undergone implant placement with a trusted dental surgeon, Dr. Hardin restores their smiles using high-quality ceramic or zirconia.

Why Replace Missing Teeth with Implants?

Your jaw health is especially important in maintaining bite strength and facial features. When teeth are missing, the jaw atrophies and slowly shrinks. As a result, a patient may experience sunken cheeks, decreased chewing function, and bite strength. Dental implants prevent accelerated jawbone deterioration by replacing the supporting structure needed to maintain a full, beautiful smile.

Restoring Smiles and Improving Health across Marion County, IN

Advancements in dental technology have given smiles the capability to last a lifetime. Call Hardin Cosmetic and Family Dentistry today in Indianapolis, IN,  for dental implants. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Hardin today!

Our practice provides dental implants for patients in Greenwood, IN, Southport, IN, Center Grove, IN, Franklin, IN, and other cities across Marion and Johnson, IN, counties.

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